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historichousefitters - Screw Mount Catch Hand-forged Iron
H A N D - F O R G E D  I R O N    H A N D C R A F T E D   I N   U . S . A .

The hearth and fireplace were the center of family life for most early American homes. A carefully tended wood fire created heat to warm the house and prepare meals. The practice of cooking on a hearth was basic to 18th and early 19th century America. Family members could gather and assist as the food was prepared with ingenious techniques utilizing fireplace tools and hearth cooking utensils of the period.

We at Historic Housefitters, are pleased to make available replicas of some of these appliances and utensils and invite you to give hearth cooking a try. Preparing your food in this way requires “active participation” and, while not for the faint of heart, the techniques and fresh herbs produce flavors which are superb.

Tinned Reflector Oven

Here’s an exact reproduction of an 18th century reflector oven or “tin kitchen,” which is ideal for roasting meat or fowl. The curved design and brightly tinned surface reflect the fire’s heat around the food. Entrees prepared with this oven will give you the true flavor of authentic roasting!

Comes complete with a hand-forged spit and 3 skewers which allow for timely rotation of the roast for even cooking. The oven’s rounded bottom acts as a drip pan and the door on the back provides for basting and testing as cooking progresses. 20” H x 20” W x 12” D.

A)    1601-5         Reflector Oven



A “spider” is a long handled frying pan with 3 legs. It was used extensively around the fire to catch drippings from roasting meats and to sauté vegetables. The long handle provided some space between the fire and cook.
7” H x 9” Dia x 15” L. handle.

B)    1657-1            Spider Frying Pan


Using a peel or shovel, create a bed of hot coals on your hearth. Place the gridiron over the coals and you can broil meat, chicken, fish or vegetables, much as you would on an outdoor barbecue.
13” W x 10 1/2” L x 3 1/2” H with 7 1/2“ L. handle.

C)    1660-1            Gridiron


Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook

From the dedicated interpreters of Old Sturbridge Village comes this wonderful reference on 19th Century cooking. Partially based on Lydia Maria Child’s The American Frugal Housewife (1829), all recipes have been fully tested and explained in contemporary terms.

D)    1612             Old Sturbridge Village

Hearthside Cooking

A very detailed and informative reference on open-fire cooking, by Nancy Carter Crump, which thoroughly explains the extraordinary techniques of the period.

E)    1606            Hearthside Cooking

Both cookbooks present recipes for hearthside and modern kitchen preparation
Cast Iron Cookery

In practicing the art of hearth cooking, cast
iron dutch ovens play a major role. Dutch
ovens are extremely versatile and much
quicker to use than a brick beehive oven for
baking rolls, bread, pies, meats and vegetables. These are placed on a bed of coals and with
their flanged lids securely in place, can be
covered with more coals as needed. Cooking
times are much the same as for modern ovens.

F)    Dutch Oven-Round Lid
       1655-5        5 Qt: 10 1/4” dia. x 4” deep.
       1655-7        7 Qt: 12” dia. x 4 3/4” deep.
       1655-9        9 Qt: 13 1/4” dia. x 4 3/4” deep.

   Dutch Oven-Flat Lid & Legs
       1656-6        6 Qt: 12” dia. x 3 3/4” deep.
       1656-8        8 Qt:
12 dia. x 5 deep.

Cooking Trivet

The actual uses for cooking trivets appear to
have been twofold. Some were designed to
create a resting place to insulate hot cookery

from wooden surfaces. Those with shorter
legs were likely used over coals for cooking.
4” H x 8” dia.

    1654-1        Cooking Trivet

Lid Hook

Here we have a period solution for safely
lifting the lid off your Dutch oven. This
combines a hand-forged iron hook with a
wooden handle. Handle: 6” L. Hook: 4” L.

I)     1658-1         Lid Hook
Skewers & Holder

Another example of a very common utensil used in open fire cooking, skewers were used to position meat or fowl on a spit. The holder was typically hung near the fireplace keeping the skewers in easy reach. The set comes with 6 skewers; 6” to 8” in length. Holder: 5” H x 5 1/2” W.

   1653-1        Holder with 6 Skewers

Long Handle Peel

The broad, flat blade and long handle of an 18th century peel was perfectly suited to the task of cooking in a beehive oven. Coals were moved from the hearth to pre-heat the oven for baking. The peel can also serve to manage a bed of coals on the hearth for use with Dutch ovens or cooking trivets.  48” L x 7 1/2” W.

   1651-1        Long Handle Peel

Long Handle Poker

Collectors of period iron know that original examples of these once common implements are very rare. Pokers were most likely re-forged into something more useful in the mid 19th century as iron cook stoves became popular. We offer a faithful recreation of this useful tool. 48” L.

L)    1652-1        Long Handle Poker
Part Number Description Cost  Product Options Qty
Hearth Cooking  
1613 Open Hearth Cookbook (not shown) $15.00            
A 1601-5 Reflector Oven w/forged spit and 3 skewers **TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
* OverSize Package Cost $45.00
B 1657-1 Spider Frying Pan
* OverSize Package Cost $25.00
C 1660-1 Gridiron $277.00            
D 1612 Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook $18.95            
E 1606 Hearthside Cooking Cookbook Call            
Cast Iron Cookery  
F 1655-5 Dutch Oven-Round Lid: 5 Quart **NO LONGER AVAILABLE
* OverSize Package Cost $20.00
1655-7 Dutch Oven-Round Lid: 7 Quart **NO LONGER AVAILABLE
* OverSize Package Cost $20.00
1655-9 Dutch Oven-Round Lid: 9 Quart **NO LONGER AVAILABLE
* OverSize Package Cost $20.00
G 1656-6 Dutch Oven-Flat Lid & Legs: 6 Quart **NO LONGER AVAILABLE
* OverSize Package Cost $20.00
1656-8 Dutch Oven-Flat Lid & Legs: 8 Quart **NO LONGER AVAILABLE
* OverSize Package Cost $20.00
Hearth Cooking  
H 1654-1 Cooking Trivet $153.00            
I 1658-1 Lid Hook $29.75            
J 1653-1 Holder with 6 Skewers $138.75            
K 1651-1 Long Handle Peel - NEW LENGTH: 44 inch
* OverSize Package Cost $25.00
L 1652-1 Long Handle Poker - NEW LENGTH: 44 inch
* OverSize Package Cost $25.00
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