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I) Thumblatches  
A) Must be installed on blank door         (not pre-bored).
B) Specify thickness of door.
C) Specify "Standard" or "Reverse Bevel".
II) Strap Hinges  
A) Strap hinges should span approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of door width.
B) Select appropriate pintle style.

Strap & Pintle Mounting Details:
1. The "Drive Pintle" is installed at a 20° angle into the framing behind the casing. For modern framing with 2x4's, the pintle intersects both studs.
2. The "Plate Mounted" pintle is surface mounted on the door casing and straps are furnished with an "Offset" to position door flush with casing.
3. The "Jamb Mounted" pintle is mounted into a mortise on the face of the jamb.
III) Mortise Lock Sets  
1. Must be installed on blank door (not pre-bored).
Specify as follows:
A) Backset (2-1/2" is Standard).
B) Stile Width (minimun of 4-1/2").
C) Door Thickness (1-3/4" to 3").
D) Handing (Left or Right).
E) Door Swing (In-swing or Out-swing).
IV) Interior Door Knob & Lever Sets
Specify as follows:
A) Function (Passage, Privacy or Dummy).
B) Backset (2-3/8" or 2-3/4").
C) Door Thickness (1-3/8" & up).
D) Handing for levers (Left or Right).
V) Pre-Bored Entrance Sets
Specify as follows:
A) Backset (2-3/8" or 2-3/4").
B) Door Thickness (1-3/4" & up).
C) Handing for levers (Left or Right).
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