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historichousefitters - Hand Forged Heart Thumb Latch
H A N D - F O R G E D   I R O N    H A N D C R A F T E D   I N   U . S . A .

Latch Bar Lock

For bathroom or bedroom
doors, these can be used
with your thumblatches
to “lock” the door from
the inside.

A) 2574-1 Latch Bar Lock:
2 L.

Latch Bar Pin

Here is another way to
“lock” a thumblatch from
the inside. This pin slides
into a hole in the door,
just above the latch bar,
to stop the bar from
being lifted up.
B) 2582-1
Latch Bar
2 L.

Interior Norfolk Thumblatch & Trim Set

The Norfolk latch shows the first influence of the Industrial Revolution on door latch manufacturing. In the interest of mass production, the back plates were made on a strip shear. Our interior Norfolk latch set combines a hand-forged handle with back plate and is furnished complete with a special standard trim set with knob or a reverse bevel trim set. (Please specify door thickness and “standard” or “reverse bevel” trim set).

Norfolk Thumblatch Set
7 L x 1 1/2 W.



Closet, cellar or storm doors require the thumblatch handle on the side that pulls out to open. The Reverse Bevel Trim Set includes a special latch bar, staple and catch, for use with any thumblatch.


Interior Reverse Bevel
Trim Set:
6" L bar.

Exterior Reverse Bevel
Trim Set:
7 L bar.


Offset latch bars are often used for doors not hung flush with the casing. Our standard would be for a 3/4” thick casing, but we can tailor it to fit any thickness casing. (Please specify casing thickness).


Offset Latch Bar
6” L bar.


This is a complete latch set designed specifically for pantry or closet doors. It consists of a “coiled rat-tail” latch bar with a screw mounted staple and drive catch. The latch bar has a prong that protrudes through a slot in the door so, as an emergency release it can be opened from the inside.

F) 2530
Closet Latch Bar Set

7” L bar.
Interior Door Pulls

These interior Suffolk and Norfolk door pulls are made to complement our thumblatch sets. They are for use on all types of interior doors that don’t require a latch.

G) 2202-2
Bean Door Pull
7” L x 2” W.
H) 2201-2
Arrow-Head Door Pull
8 1/2” L x 2 1/4” W.
I) 2203-2
Heart Door Pull
8 1/2” L x 2 1/4” W.
J) 2207-2
Onion Door Pull

8 1/2 L x 2 1/4 W.
K) 2204-3
Norfolk Door Pull
7” L x 1 1/2” W.
Our thumblatches and pulls are available in both a "standard" and "heavy gauge" construction. The "heavy gauge" latches are forged from thicker, wider material and are generally used on larger doors.
Part Number Description Cost  Product Options Qty
Latch Bar Lock & Bar Pin  
A 2574-1 Latch Bar Lock $14.50            
B 2582-1 Latch Bar Pin $16.50            
Norfolk Thumblatch Set  
C 2204-2 Norfolk Thumblatch Set (includes trim set) Hand-Forged
Trim Parts/Sets  
D 2520-Int Interior Reverse Bevel Trim Set $48.50            
D 2520-Ext. Exterior Reverse Bevel Trim Set $53.50            
Interior Trim Parts/Sets  
E 2303-1 Offset Latch Bar $22.75            
Closet Latch Bar Set  
F 2530 Closet Latch Bar Set $53.50            
Interior Door Pulls  
G 2202-2 Bean Door Pull Hand-Forged $83.75            
H 2201-2 Arrow-head Door Pull Hand-Forged $83.75            
I 2203-2 Heart Door Pull Hand-Forged $83.75            
J 2207-2 Onion Door Pull Hand-Forged $83.75            
K 2204-3 Norfolk Door Pull Hand-Forged $102.50            
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