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historichousefitters - Hand Forged Iron Interior Suffolk Thumblatches Historic Housefitters- Quality Period Hardware & Lighting
   H A N D - F O R G E D   I R O N    H A N D C R A F T E D   I N   U . S . A .

Suffolk style thumblatches (A-D) were in common use throughout all of the colonies during the 18th and early 19th centuries. The “Bean Latch” (A) was the first and most popular design.

Originally made by English blacksmiths and imported here, the American smiths soon began producing these and many other designs. The cusp and handle styles eventually became as numerous as the craftsmen who made them and, we are pleased to offer a selection of four popular designs.

A complete thumblatch set
has 4 separate parts.


1. Catch (drive shown)
2. Staple (drive shown)
3. Thumblatch handle & tail
4. Latch Bar (plain bar shown)

  Interior Suffolk Thumblatches
You’ll find no finer reproductions of these classic period latches than those shown here. Each is fully hand-forged and represents the most historically accurate examples of this hardware we’ve seen. (Please specify door thickness).

Bean Thumblatch
7 1/2” L x 2” W. Original from a home in East Haddam, CT.
Heart Thumblatch
9” L x 2 1/4” W. Original from a home in Ulster County, NY.
Arrow-Head Thumblatch
9” L x 2 1/4” W. Original from a home in Germantown, PA.
Onion Thumblatch
9” L x 2 1/4” W. Original from a home in S. Glastonbury, CT
Suffolk Thumblatch Trim Parts
G) Latch Bar Styles
E) 2301-1      Plain Bar: 6” L.
F) 2300-1      Coiled Rat-Tail Bar: 6 1/2 L.
G) 2302-1      Shepherds Crook Bar: 6 1/2 L.
H) I)
Staple Styles
H) 2400-1      Drive Staple
I) 2403-1      Screw Mount Staple
Catch Styles
J) 2401-1      Drive Catch
K) 2402-2      Screw Mount Catch
L) 2408-1      Footed Drive Catch
J) K) L)
To Order a Complete Thumblatch Set:
1. Select a Latch
2. For Inswing Door
Go to Step (3).
For Outswing Door-Use
Reverse Bevel Trim Set
3. Select a Latch Bar
(E, F or G).
4. Select a Staple
(H or I).


Select a Catch
(J, K or L).
Part Number Description Cost  Product Options Qty
Interior Suffolk Thumblatches  
A 2202-1 Bean Thumblatch Hand-Forged $114.50            
B 2201-1 Arrowhead Thumblatch Hand-Forged $114.50            
C 2203-1 Heart Thumblatch Hand-Forged $114.50            
D 2207-1 Onion Thumblatch Hand-Forged $114.50            
Interior Latch Bar Styles  
E 2301-1 Plain Bar $16.75            
F 2300-1 Coiled Rat Tail Bar $22.85            
G 2302-1 Shepherds Crook Bar $22.85            
Interior Staples and Catches  
H 2400-1 Drive Staple $14.50            
I 2403-1 Screw Mount Staple $15.50            
J 2401-1 Drive Catch $14.50            
K 2402-2 Screw Mount Catch $15.50            
L 2408-1 Footed Drive Catch $23.50            
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