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H A N D - F O R G E D  I R O N    H A N D C R A F T E D   I N   U . S . A .
Strap Hinges

Strap hinges are the sturdiest of period styles and can range in lengths from 8” to 48” and larger. Usually spanning 1/2 to 2/3 of a door's width, our strap hinges reflect the best characteristics of craftsmanship and design from the 18th century. The surface of each hinge is fully worked and deep beveling is painstakingly hammered into each edge.
(Please specify “Bean”, “Arrow-Head”, “Ball & Spear” or "Heart” finial end).
A 4030
30” Strap Hinge:
2” W x 1/4” Thick.
C) 4018 18” Strap Hinge:
1 1/4” W x 3/16” Thick.

B) 4024

24” Strap Hinge:
1 1/2” W x 1/4” Thick.

D) 4012

12” Strap Hinge:
1” W x 3/16” Thick.
Dummy Strap Hinges 

These are an effective way to embellish the exterior side of an entrance door in a historically correct manner. Simply a design element, the larger sizes can be used on garage or carriage house doors. (Please specify “Bean”, “Arrow-Head”, “Ball & Spear” or “Heart” finial end).
E) 4330 30” Dummy Strap Hinge:
2” W x 1/4” Thick.
G) 4318 18” Dummy Strap Hinge:
1 1/4” W x 3/16” Thick.

F) 4324

24” Dummy Strap Hinge:
1 1/2” W x 1/4” Thick.

H) 4312

12” Dummy Strap Hinge:
1” W x 3/16” Thick.

Pintle Styles

We hand-forge 3 pintle styles to work with any jamb detail. 18th century door framing usually provided a hardwood post into which a drive pintle would be mounted. These pintles can be used with modern framing as well. We also make the (I) “Jamb Mounted” and (J) “Plate Mounted” pintles, which the installer may find more workable for certain applications. The pin sizes are 1/2” dia. for 30” and 24” straps, 3/8” dia. for 18” and 12” straps. (Please specify right or left handing when ordering “Jamb Mounted” pintle).

Jamb Mounted Pintle (left or right handing)
Plate Mounted Pintle
Drive Pintle

Custom Strap Hinges

If you are working on a project such as a barn, gate or large entrance door, we can hand-forge any size hinge needed. In addition we can provide special offsets and pintles designed specifically for your job. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Mounting instructions are included with your order and please call for technical assistance if needed. We are here to help!

Strap Hinge & Pintle Mounting Details

1) The “Jamb Mounted” pintle is mounted into a mortise on the face of the jamb.

2) The “Plate Mounted” pintle is surface mounted on the door casing and straps are furnished with an “Offset” to position door flush with casing.

3) The “Drive” pintle is installed at a 20° angle into the framing behind the casing. For modern framing with
 2 x 4’s, the pintle intersects both studs.

Part Number Description Cost  Product Options Qty
Strap Hinges  
A 4030 30 inch Strap Hinge (each) $131.75            
B 4024 24 inch Strap Hinge (each) $79.75            
C 4018 18 inch Strap Hinge (each) $61.35            
D 4012 12 inch Strap Hinge (each) $46.75            
Dummy Strap Hinges  
E 4330 30 inch Dummy Strap Hinge (each) $108.50            
F 4324 24 inch Dummy Strap Hinge (each) $65.75            
G 4318 18 inch Dummy Strap Hinge (each) $48.00            
H 4312 12 inch Dummy Strap Hinge (each) $39.50            
Pintle Styles  
I 4023 Jamb Mounted Pintle (each) $44.85            
J 4020 Plate Mounted Pintle (each) $47.50            
K 4021 Drive Pintle (each) $42.75            
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