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P E R I O D   L I G H T I N G    H A N D C R A F T E D    I N   U . S . A .

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When selecting a post or wall lantern, please don’t be concerned that the piece will be too large. Keep in mind that the lantern will be outside and viewed from a distance, where the larger scale is a necessity.

“Three light clusters” are available in place of the “Single Light & Chimney” at a small additional charge.

Each post lantern uses a standard 3” diameter post collar. The dimensions given for each fixture are for the body and finial only. They do not include the height of the collar.

A) Wolfeboro Post Lantern

Good proportions and attention to detail is
the key to this fixture’s good looks. A classic
design, well executed by our metal smiths. Available in 2 sizes.

B) Cornwall Post Lantern

Named for a quaint town in the Litchfield Hills, traditional design and sturdy construction define
this handsome fixture.

C) Watch Hill Post Lantern

Commemorating this Rhode Island waterfront town, our Watch Hill lantern calls forth thoughts of a graceful design.

D) Easton Post Lantern

Uppermost in our idea to include the Easton design in our lighting collection was its strong history among period designs. It has a rustic charm that is in keeping with its 18th century origin. Available in 2 sizes.

E) Stonington Post Lantern

Here’s our Stonington design expressed in a
post lantern, both attractive and authentic. The curved guards add an interesting element to this period style. Available in 2 sizes.



F-H) Onion Post Lantern

To complement our Onion wall and hanging fixtures, we offer Onion post lanterns with a variety of design features. Some folks feel that Onion lanterns evoke a nautical theme, but we are comfortable using them just about anywhere. Clear or Optic Globe. Available in 2 sizes.

Extra Large uses a 3 light cluster.
Please specify Clear or Optic Globe.

Our “Post Lanterns” are crafted in solid copper or brass and the finials are handspun to reproduce actual period work. The final finish is a light “antique” patina. No lacquer is used to allow the metal to darken naturally over time.

The charm of illumination from a post mounted lantern is unmistakable and very much part of an outdoor setting during the colonial period.

Originally designed for either gas or oil, our electrified reproductions recreate this delightful effect which you’ll enjoy from the first evening you turn on the switch. In addition to lighting a walkway, these lanterns are perfect for use in garden areas, driveways or out by the road.

Part Number Description Cost  Product Options Qty
Wolfeboro Post Lantern  
A 9900-5M Wolfeboro Post Lantern: Medium
* OverSize Package Cost $55.00
A 9900-5L Wolfeboro Post Lantern: Large
* OverSize Package Cost $65.00
Cornwall Post Lantern  
B 9950-5 Cornwall Post Lantern
* OverSize Package Cost $35.00
Watch Hill Post Lantern  
C 9934-5 Watch Hill Post Lantern
* OverSize Package Cost $35.00
Easton Post Lantern  
D 9932-5L Easton Post Lantern: Large
* OverSize Package Cost $35.00
9932-5M Easton Post Lantern: Medium
* OverSize Package Cost $25.00
Stonington Post Lantern  
E 9936-5L Stonington Post Lantern: Large
* OverSize Package Cost $35.00
9936-5M Stonington Post Lantern: Medium
* OverSize Package Cost $25.00
Onion Post Lantern  
F 9930-5L Onion Post Lantern: Large
* OverSize Package Cost $35.00
9930-5XL Onion Post Lantern: Extra Large
* OverSize Package Cost $65.00
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