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historichousefitters - Onion Door Pull Hand-forged Iron
P E R I O D   L I G H T I N G    H A N D C R A F T E D    I N   U . S . A .

A) Foyer Chandelier

Our 3 light electric chandelier is a distinctive way to light your entryway. A forged iron frame supports a round pan with    3 candle cups. Finished in matte black.
12 1/2” H x 8 1/2” W x 6 1/4” D.

A)     9701-5         Foyer Chandelier

B-C) Tinsmiths Chandelier

From the tinsmith’s shop comes this primitive, early design that we offer in either candle or electric versions. Anywhere overhead light is needed, these will do the job. Available in either 2 or 4 light design.

   Item No.

Metals Sockets H W
B)  4702-5 Tin 2 14 1/2" 9"
     9702-5 Tin 2 14 1/2" 9"
C)  9704-5 Tin 4 14 1/2" 9"

D) Pierced Tin Store Lamp

This hanging lantern, with its pierced tin shade, was made popular during the 19th century. While the glass reservoir at its base stored oil for illumination, our version is fully electrified. 17 1/2” H x 15 1/2” W.

D)      9530           Pierced Tin Store Lamp

E-G) Pierced Tin Revere
Hanging Lanterns

These attractive pierced tin fixtures are hand-crafted, in 3 sizes and patterns, for use over a kitchen sink, under the ceiling of your porch, foyer or entry way. Each has a hinged door to facilitate bulb changing and comes complete with 2 feet of chain and ceiling plate. Open bottom, 1 bulb up to 60 watts.

   Item No.

Metals H W
E)  452-HCT Tin 12" 4"
F)  254-HCT Tin 14" 5"
G)  230-HCT Tin 16" 5 1/2"


Our Electrified Chandeliers are furnished with 2 feet of chain, matching ceiling canopy, beeswax candle sleeves and accept candelabra base bulbs up to 40 watts. Shades cannot be used on any chandelier with beeswax candle sleeves.
Part Number Description Cost  Product Options Qty
Hanging Lanterns  
A 9701-5 Foyer Chandelier: Matte Black $198.00            
B 9702-5 Tinsmith Chandelier: 2 Light Antique Tin $118.50            
C 9704-5 Tinsmith Chandelier: 4 Light Antique Tin $168.00            
D 9530 Pierced Tin Store Lamp $169.75            
E 452-HCT 12 inch Revere Hanging Lantern Call            
F 254-HCT 14 inch Revere Hanging Lantern $121.25            
G 230-HCT 16 inch Revere Hanging Lantern $128.25            
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