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P E R I O D   L I G H T I N G     H A N D C R A F T E D   I N   U . S . A .

These hand-crafted Wall Sconces represent electrified recreations of both 18th and 19th century designs. Soft light from wall sconces is very effective in creating period decor. They even look great when switched off.

Each are available in antique tin or antique brass and no lacquer is used to allow for natural aging of the metal. Natural beeswax sleeves are provided and all sconces accept candelabra base bulbs up to 40 watts. Candle cups in place of the electric sockets are available on special order

A) Tarrytown

A two-arm sconce with individual candle cups and a “pie-crust” top. Arm spread 10 1/2”.

Item No.

Metals H D 
9607-5S  Tin or Brass  11 3/4" 3 1/2" 7"
9607-5L  Tin or Brass  11 3/4" 5" 7"

B) Newport

Delightfully simple with a narrow “pie-crust” top, the single candelabra arm creates a very graceful style.

Item No.

Metals H W D 
9611-5S  Tin or Brass  11 3/4" 3 1/2" 8"
9611-5L  Tin or Brass  11 3/4" 5" 8"

C) Bridgewater

A single light sconce that is very representative of early designs with a delicate “pie-crust” top.

Item No.

Metals H W D 
9602-5S  Tin or Brass  14 1/2" 3 3/8" 3" 
9602-5L  Tin or Brass  15" 4 1/2" 3"

D) Grafton

A very traditional fan pattern graces the top of this sconce. Perfect for an entryway.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9608-5  Tin or Brass  12" 5" 3"

E) Pawling

The heat reflector of this two light sconce features a pierced heart pattern.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9604-5  Tin or Brass  11 3/4" 6 1/2" 3"

F) Concord

A slightly less formal, early 18th century design with a round, hand-worked, heat reflector.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9610-5  Tin or Brass   11" 8" 6"


G) Lexington

Here is a very primitive sconce of clean, simple design. Smaller proportions make this appropriate for tight spaces.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9612-5 Tin or Brass  10" 4" 3"

H) Brimfield

A companion design to our Lexington sconce in a larger size with 2 sockets to provide extra illumination.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9613-5 Tin or Brass  12 1/2" 7" 3"


I) Essex

The original design, with its top ring, suggests this sconce was intended to be moved about and hung wherever candlelight was needed.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9614-5  Tin or Brass  12" 4" 3"

J) Durham

This design represents the smallest of the sconces we offer. A very good choice where space is tight.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9618-5  Tin or Brass  5 1/2" 3" 2 1/4"


K) Madison

The shape of these sconces is somewhat free form and represents a uniquely primitive style. Available in double (S) or triple (L) socket.

Item No.

Metals H W D
9615-5S  Tin or Brass  8" 13 1/4" 3 1/2"
9615-5L  Tin or Brass  10 1/2" 16 1/4" 3 1/2"

Part Number Description Cost  Product Options Qty
A 9607-5L Tarrytown Sconce: Large
9607-5S Tarrytown Sconce: Small
B 9611-5L Newport Sconce: Large
9611-5S Newport Sconce: Small
C 9602-5L Bridgewater Sconce: Large
9602-5S Bridgewater Sconce: Small
D 9608-5 Grafton Sconce
E 9604-5 Pawling Sconce
F 9610-5 Concord Sconce
G 9612-5 Lexington Sconce
H 9613-5 Brimfield Sconce
I 9614-5 Essex Sconce
J 9618-5 Durham Sconce
K 9615-5L Madison Sconce: Large
9615-5S Madison Sconce: Small
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